Intel® Graphics Command Center

Change the way you see Intel Graphics with the latest updated Intel Graphics Command Center.

Our dynamic control panel, built from the ground up, is based on extensive feedback from the gaming community. Its visually striking, user-friendly design makes it easier to optimize your graphics settings for your favorite games and understand what those graphics settings do. The most streamlined experience, designed for you.

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What's New

New Features:

  • Game Sharpening – enhance image quality in your favorite games
  • Support for Intel® Iris® Xe MAX Graphics
  • Custom resolution UI improvements


  • Improved game optimization functionality
  • Various bug fixes

Known issues:

  • Delays might occur when switching between game profiles
  • Localized Adaptive Contract Enhancement (LACE) disabled by default on initial app load after system restart
  • Game launch support for Intel® Iris® Xe Max Graphics systems
  • Display power saving technology resets on reboot
  • Some systems may not be able to set refresh rate to 59i


The Intel Graphics Command Center can easily find and tune your games, complete with recommended settings for your computer. Don't have time to mess around with settings? Use the Intel Graphics Command Center’s 1-click optimization for many popular titles and instantly get the most out of your system for your favorite games.


The hottest new game is here and you just enabled 1-click optimization and are ready to go! However, what you may not have known is that in our labs, Intel engineers are constantly working on pushing newer optimized updates for games on our hardware to continuously improve your gaming experience. Introducing Instant Game Tuning: focus on the game, not on maintaining software. The Intel Graphics Command Center seamlessly keeps game settings and drivers up to date from the cloud – no further driver updates needed. Just set it and forget it.


The Intel Graphics Command Center now brings you Game Sharpening. Switch it on for any game not being run at its native resolution and enjoy crystal clear graphics. No more fuzzy objects and blurry lines. Our smart algorithms do a great job of enhancing edges without increasing any load on your system. We also introduced Retro scaling to reduce blurriness while playing games with pixel-based graphics on modern displays.


The Intel Graphics Command Center was created with one central purpose in mind: YOU. How can we provide you with the best possible experience on your Intel system, while keeping things as seamless as a click of a button for you. Not sure what tessellation is? Anisotropic filtering? Don't worry, our interface makes it easy to understand graphics settings, in non-technical terms. Complete with before-and-after graphics, you can easily tell what settings will do - and how much it will tax your hardware! Watch movies or game, with the richest and deepest colors possible. Tweak color settings to maximize your display experience. Using multiple displays? You’ll be able to set up monitors in different configurations to suit your needs. Everything’s just ready to go.


Join the Beta program and get the first sneak peek at new features that Intel Graphics has to offer. We're all ears for feedback!

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