Optimize popular games to play on Intel Graphics

Use the steps below to get optimized game settings that have been created to provide you with the best gaming experience on Intel Graphics.*

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Use the steps on the right to get the best configurations on your system. Optimized games will show you better environments, more detailed characters and more exciting effects.

*For systems with discrete graphics cards (hybrid or switchable graphics), check with your discrete graphics card vendor for specific game settings.

Option 1: Auto-detect your graphics


Identifying in progress

Option 2: Manually select your graphics

Enter your Intel processor or Graphics controller to get a list of games with optimized settings (identify your product)

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There are many ways to find your Intel CPU or Graphics Brand

Here are some examples:

  • By Brand Name - Core i7
  • By Frequency - 4.40 GHz
  • By Processor Graphics - Iris
Settings only available for Intel® 4th Generation Core™ Processors and higher (e.g. i7-4XXX, i3-5XXX, etc.)

Option 1: See all the available games

Option 2: Manually select your game

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